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sp_sethgraves's Journal

Seth Graves
17 February
I am a graduate of Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. I live in Upleadon, Gloucestershire, near the Welsh border. I am studying to become an auror, though my father, I think, would have preferred that I take over the family medical instruments business. I will probably do that, if I don't get accepted into auror training. Acceptance is looking less and less likely, though, as my father was a Death-Eater, and the DMLE is acting quite reluctant to hire me.

There is, however, more than one way to skin a cat--er, get a DMLE job.

Character Sheet

Creator: Chantal Whittington

Name: Seth Graves
Age/DOB: 17th February, 1980
Race/Blood: Human, pureblood
House: Slytherin
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight/Shape: Tall, broad-shouldered, lean
Hair: Glossy raven-black, collarlength
Eyes: Green
Skin: Fair to lightly tanned


Seth is a tall young man with black hair and green eyes. His clothing ranges from the frightfully expensive to the mundane. He is as comfortable in white tie and tails as he is in blue jeans and a t-shirt or wizard's robes. He tends to wear tasteful Muggle clothing--slacks, dress shirts, dress shoes--rather than robes.
Seth wears a small fish tattoo on the underside of his left forearm.


Seth is quiet. He's intelligent, but he doesn't go out of his way to present himself as such. His philosophy about his House is that Slytherins do the dirty, necessary things that no one else wants to sully their hands with.

His parents' divorce and his father's involvement with the Death-Eaters for all of Seth's life gave Seth a need for stability--sometimes a desperate need for it. He is growing out of this, however, realizing that stability may never be his and that he will simply have to roll with the punches.

He hates the DE, feels that it destroyed his childhood and caused his father no end of torment, aside from the torment it causes to the world at large. Because of his father's DE involvement, Seth has always had to be extremely careful about who he allows himself to become close to. Seth does not trust a lot of people. His friendships tend to be few, but deep.

While he is not vicious and would never be gratuitously cruel to others, he does have a ruthless streak, honed by years of learning to deal with his father. He will not flinch from doing things he dislikes, if he believes they are truly necessary.

He is an able, but uninspired, quidditch player. His favorite pastimes are practicing the violin and kendo. He also enjoys flying on his broom. Seth likes to fly fast and far. His tastes in music include classical instrumental pieces (for solo instrument and piano or for string quartet), and heavy metal. He also likes Celtic. Since spring of his sixth year at Hogwarts, Seth has become a member of the school's rock band, now called Hex.

He has taken to volunteering as a bird handler two Saturdays a week at the National Birds of Prey Centre in Newent and is certified to do this.

Seth's grades were in the B+ to A range (Or, E to O range). Had he not been sorted into Slytherin, he would most likely have been a Ravenclaw. He does genuinely enjoy study for its own sake. Seth speaks fluent Russian, thanks to private study and to the fish tattoo on his arm--a language charm.


Seth's parents are divorced. His father, Paul Graves, was a wealthy businessman whose business deals in charmed medical instruments and devices. For the DE, Paul also smuggled dark-arts magical artifacts into the country and was an expert in the use of the Imperius Curse. He has since received a sentence of the Dementor's Kiss for his criminal activity and is slowly wasting away in Azkaban--as far as anyone is meant to know.

Seth's mother, Elizabeth Townsend, is a professor of English Literature at Cardiff University. Because of the terms of the divorce and custody agreement, she has had little personal contact with Seth since he was ten, but she writes to him often. Now that he is of age, the two see each other more frequently.

Other Family: His grandmother Artemisia Graves; grandfather Petrus Graves (believed dead; now living under a Fidelius Charm and calling himself Peter Arnesse); Lilith Drachenstein, his stepmother (though the marriage is secret), and his aunt, uncle, and cousins in the Gregory family. Family journals include:

Seth has become mated to Erzsebet Ivanovich and is now a member of her Pack, which consists of five other people--a wolf animagus and four werewolves, who live in Russia. From his acquaintance with Erzsebet and the Pack, Seth has decided to work toward becoming a wolf animagus, as well. The Pack's journal is thewolvesrun.


Occupation: Is pursuing a career as an auror. He is also the owner of his family's medical instruments business, though Mr. James Dunleavy is the current CEO.

Wand: 11-inch polished rosewood with a sliver of dragon scale in its core

Familiar: A barn owl named Isabeau (He thought Ladyhawke was a great movie!)

Game Information

Websites of OOC Interest

Seth's Favourite Links

Animagus/Shapeshifting Research

Behaviour of Pack Animals

Shapeshifting and Shamanism

Russian Language

This journal is affiliated with the sphogwarts Hogwarts role-playing game. To follow the adventures of students in this alternate universe after they graduate from Hogwarts, please visit sphnet.

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