7th year

This is the Hand of Justice? (private)

I don't know whether I want to cry or strangle Piotr more. He was lying his arse off. He was at Hogwarts when Izzy was found. We went to the Forbidden Forest on 3rd July, then didn't hear back from Piotr for two whole weeks. Izzy cast the Crucio on the 11th. Piotr was nowhere near London; couldn't possibly have made Izzy do that.

Yet I couldn't raise any objections because I had no proof that Piotr was lying. A couple of dates, sure, but no solid evidence that Alexei Varvara didn't have anything to do with Izzy and the cult. He never mentioned them, but that means nothing.

And now Izzy...It's like watching my grandfather with Dad, all over again. He was furious with Dad, telling Dad he should have let him rot in Voldemort's dungeon, rather than get him out, if becoming a DE was the price for his freedom. Dad agreed with him. But I also know Dad would have done the same thing if offered the same choice, again. I could see it in his eyes. He wouldn't, couldn't abandon Grandfather to Voldemort, and Piotr wouldn't, couldn't let Izzy go to Azkaban.

I feel almost ashamed that I would have let Izzy take her licks--because I would have taken mine. And I know she would have taken hers, if Piotr hadn't stepped in. I'd have willingly gone to Azkaban myself for her, if I'd believed she was innocent, but I knew she wasn't. Damn it all!

So now Piotr's in Azkaban, and he's, if anything, even more messed up than Izzy was just after she remembered her real identity. I have no idea what condition he'll be in, once he gets out, but I can't imagine it would be good.

Just got a note from Izzy. Looks like she is back at Brannigan's of all places. I don't understand that. What kind of goofball family does she have? Why didn't they take her back to Palermo? Does she hate them that much? I can understand being pissed off with Damian, and I'm sure she doesn't always get on well with her parents. But they're decent people, and they care about her. Why isn't she with them? This is just wrong...

I should shut up. I have no right to impose my family's way of dealing with things on her.

I can't believe they left her alone.

Edit: Thank God, her cousin's with her. Izzy seems in a really stroppy mood with me, too. What's up with that? Probably just upset over Piotr. Time enough to deal with it when she's ready to talk.
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7th year

Wondering Why (private)

Why is it that a simple message from Padma causes tears to run down my face for a good ten minutes? I know I was upset over Parvy, but this is ridiculous!

Go to work. Do not break any glassware today. Or I'll hear more jokes about, "It's okay, Seth; we'll just take it out of your paycheck!" *reluctant snicker*

Damn, just when I was starting to practice my violin again, too. Got to wait until the cuts heal, now.

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7th year

Crappy Day

Work today was wretched. One of the junior lab assistants spilled water that was boiling for tea all over her fuschia blouse and got scalded. We cast some healing spells on her and got her to the infirmary so she could take something for the pain.

It just kept getting worse. I broke four beakers and three test tubes, today; they just shattered in my hands. When did I become such a klutz? If I didn't own the bloody company, I'm sure they'd have fired me by noon.

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7th year

A Talk with Gerard Leinardy (private)

I went to see Gerard Leinardy at the Leaky Cauldron, this evening. He took my testimony, though he seemed to think it might not be necessary, that there had been a confession of some sort, that Piotr was going to testify to something, which is just nonsense. If I remember it right, Piotr was running about the wilds of Scotland half nutters when Izzy cast the crucio. So how could he have been responsible for any of it? I don't remember, though; would have to check the dates. Something's odd about this.
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7th year

Regarding Piotr (private)

Piotr wrote, yesterday--and it's a perplexing letter.

He says he's turned himself in--Okay, reasonable. The Ministry were looking for him, and he didn't jump to their beck and call right away. I'm not quite sure I get the bit about him 'revealing himself in person.

But...werecreature detention? Since when has Piotr been a werecreature? I asked Fyodor, and the Pack never saw him wandering around when they'd go Running. He's always been afraid of werewolves; was freaked out by Serafima when he learned that she was one.

Yet he signs himself Piotr and Sergei--and Sergei was a werewolf--if anything that bloody grandfather of Piotr's ever told him was true. Somehow, I think the two of them really did merge. I think I'll ask Professor Adams about that, since he apparently knows what's going on.

I spent a very nice evening with Lilith, last night. I told her she should come visit more often. Mum asks after her, sometimes, and so does Grandmother.

Still no word from Millicent. The contract is up in less than a week. I feel really edgy.

Criscuoli & Sons have accepted the job and have begun looking into Erzsebet's ancestry. I hope to hear something soon. If only I knew what to look for. Strange behaviour, I guess. But if Erzsebet can imitate her ancestor as well as the ancestor imitated Erzsebet, it might be very hard to find any historical record of when the change happened.
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7th year

Sunday, Biting My Knuckles (private)

I've written to Piotr in Palermo. Looks like Thomason is on to him, if not the Ministry. I hope he did whatever he wanted to do.

Today would have been Dad and Lilith's first wedding anniversary.

*sigh* I'd ring up Raph and Simon to see if they wanted to go somewhere for a drink, but Simon's missing.

You know...I think I'll go to Flourish & Blott's and then to Megan's cafe. I don't want to be depressed, today; it's just going to get worse in a week. Might as well do something good with the day.


All--I'll be visiting Megan's cafe in Diagon Alley, today. I hope I'll get to see some of you there.

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7th year

Days of Future Past (private)

I'm going to see if I can visit Isodora, tonight. My last visit with her was a little rough, but I don't know when I'll be able to see her again, after this, so I'm going to see if Alessandro will let me in.

Work continues. We're still laying away influenza potions, and I suspect we will be tomorrow, too. Yesterday's potions work went well, even if I did have to grit my teeth at some of the lovely pharmaceuticals company politics.

Then, there's the other political issue I want to tackle: lycanthrope rights. I'm in a quandary, here. What I do reflects on GMI and affects its employees. I'm going to have to think long and hard about openly tackling the werewolf issue. God knows I want to tackle it. I want to tackle it badly enough that I'd run for political office, for it. But you can't be a one-note politician--not if you want to serve your whole constituency and have them trust you to serve them.

I am not really interested in politics, but I am discovering that politics touches deeply on things I care about and am willing to fight to change.

I need to think about how I can be the most effective. I've applied to the Ministry for entry into the Auror Training Programme, and their replies to my follow-up owls have been lukewarm at best, completely noncommittal at worst. If the Minisry were a Shaolin monastery, I'd suspect them of trying to test my determination. As it's the Ministry, though, I think they're just giving me the brush-off.

I could continue to work my way up the corporate ladder at GMI. As long as I prove myself at least reasonably competent, I could have a ready-made and likely secure future. But I don't really want that. I want more of a challenge in my life than that. I want to work toward something. If I can't be an auror, then I want to work toward bettering things in some other way. Maybe I'll go to University, at some point; I'm still not sure. I know Ben was going, and Dad went, as well.

So crazy. After months of thinking about nothing but NEWTs, so many possibilities are open, and I don't know which one to go for.
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And the Lab Work Continues...

Today, we started brewing influenza potions. They take several weeks to ferment, so we brew them now, then complete them in mid-October, hopefully in time for fall and the flu season. Of course, there's still the problem of flu virus mutation, so the pre-made potions are still a big roulette game with regard to effectiveness, but there you are. We can't not make any, so we go with the best research we have available.

There's also work on potions for more difficult diseases, but that has to be done with very close attention to Muggle advances, because of the Muggle Protection Act.

Not much going on, lately. I introduced my friend Tom to the Pack, this evening, and they seemed to get along pretty well. Tom is talkign about doing some rock-climbing in the Mendips. That could be fun. I haven't gotten to go rock-climbing or caving in a long time. I'm looking forward to it.

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