Drinking and Stupid Gits (private)

God, I love Drambuie. Drambuie and Amaretto. Mmmm! I think I'll call that a Celtic Contessa, or something.

Too bad that git Alessandro had to show up. There Izzy and I were, having a peaceful drinking session in--get this--her villa in Graniti. Though, who am I to talk? What's Gravesend but a villa, English-style?

Anyway...I'd started to ask Izzy about the marks on her arm--and there's a knock at the door. You guessed it--Wonder Boy Alessandro's in the doorway, all bound and determined to guard Izzy's honour from 'The Death-Eater's Son.'

We're both completely clothed, mildly sloshed, and doing nothing in the least compromising. We're even sitting a polite distance apar from each other, because we know we don't want to get into something we'd regret later. I've been through this once with Megan; Izzy deserves the same courtesy.

Alessandro's jealous. He won't even address any of Izzy's male friends by name; we're 'The Death-Eater's Son,' 'Wolf-Boy,' and 'The Bastard' to him. How the hell anyone can call a man as dignified as Marcus Falconer a bastard, I don't know, no matter what his parentage might be.

I wanted to break his face, for that. You don't call a man who helped out at my father's wedding a bastard. You call him 'sir.'

Alessandro worries me. Reminds me of the Bishop of Aquila from Ladyhawke--"If I can't have her, no man shall." I should talk to Izzy about him. He likes to come across all goofy and puppy-like, but I think Izzy should be careful around him. The guy gets my Slytherin up.
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Damn You, Dr. Henry C. Lee. (private)

Tomorrow night, Izzy and I are to meet at the Leaky Cauldron to go someplace for a private drinking session. I wish I knew what was going on in her head. I'm guessing most of it is worry over Piotr. One day, we get news that the situation is dire; the next day, we get news that there's light at the end of the tunnel. It's like riding a rowboat across the Severn when the water's choppy.

I think I am going to ask her about these little drops of blood, too. It worries me that she's so distracted, she doesn't notice them, just folds the paper into thirds and sends the message on. The drops probably look bigger than they originally were, because they get spread out when she folds the paper. And they're always on the left side, too. Slow-velocity drops, with tails leading off to the left.

I really don't like the picture this is forming in my mind. It makes me almost wish I wasn't so interested in forensics. She's been wearing long sleeves, lately; I haven't seen her in the black, sleeveless dress in a while.


But why? Maybe she'll tell me tomorrow night, once she gets drunk enough, as it seems she's unwilling to tell me while she's sober.
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7th year

Indulging in a Hermione Moment (private)


Is this what Azkaban is like? Not only do you have to put up with Dementors, but you also have to put up with human guards who are slime and arseholes?

My God, what did they do to Dad while he was in there? Did they treat him the way they're treating Piotr? Did they just figure he was some soulless husk of flesh that wouldn't mind if they abused him?

I should have visited him. I should have made sure everything was okay, no matter how much I had to maintain the pretense.

I am such a shit.

Why the hell are they doing this to Piotr? Is it just how they get their kicks? They bait their prisoners, instead of shooting pool?

Izzy is back at Hogwarts and not doing too well, in light of the news Thomason sent. I wish there were something I could do to help her.

And what are these little blood droplets I keep seeing on her notes? This one's the second time, now. Just little, slow-velocity drops. Drip, drip--like her nose is bleeding, but that doesn't make any sense. What is she doing, accidentally pricking her finger with the pen nib? Weird. I'll ask her, next time I see her.
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7th year

Shopping in Italy (private)

Josh and I joined Izzy and Gerard's younger sister Eugenie for shopping in Italy, today. Izzy and Eugenie were looking for bridesmaids' dresses and wanted male opinions.

I'm guessing Izzy wanted to look hott, because if she'd wanted to look demure, she'd have asked her mother along, instead.

Well, she certainly succeeded, if 'hott' was what she wanted. One of the outfits we looked at was this strapless, blue sequined, bare-midriff thing that would look great at a nightclub--but at a wedding? Honestly, Vince and Greg should have been there. (g) And I didn't realize how much she likes leather. I like leather as much as the next guy...but not at a wedding. And not gothy leather. There are times to be rebellious, and there are times to conform. Reeally, there are.

Maybe I'm just not up on the styles?

It was good to see Josh again, and Eugenie seems quite nice. She looks a tiny bit like Megan, but with straight hair. Okay, so the resemblance is merely superficial. Still, I enjoyed meeting her.

It's hard to believe that school will start in about five days, and I won't be returning to Hogwarts. Something just seems wrong about that.

I hope Lilith and the other teachers who chaperoned us are going to be okay.
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7th year

Erzsebet Investigations and Old Paternal Ties (private)

Based on personal writings and second-hand accounts, we've narrowed down possible possessing ancestors to five:

Dmitri Ivanovich
Vladimir Ivanovich
Zascha Kertesz
Ljudmilla Radmilova
Andrei Valtsev

Ljudmila lived in the 1920's and was confined to a mental institution at one time, after which stay she recovered with no apparent further incident. Dmitri and Vladimir were both rather shady blokes, as was Zascha. Andrei was a depressive and an alcoholic who would wander off for days at a time--probably to go on drinking binges, but we can't discount him.

Izzy has asked me along on an expedition to select bridesmaids' dresses with her, Eugenie Leinardy, and possibly Josh. I was pretty startled when she mentioned going to shop at Armani's. I have pretty pedestrian tastes and don't tend to buy my clothes at Saville Row, even if Dad did. I suppose that will have to change, at some point, but I'm not ready to make the switch from (relatively) free-spirited young bloke to Staid, Upper-Class Gentleman quite yet.

Stop laughing, Draco; I can hear you from here. :P

Ah well, I've got something decent enough to wear to Armani's, and if necessary, I can borrow one of Dad's ties, seeing as how I inherited most of them.

I still can't believe he had that painfully gaudy, stained glass window-looking tie in his collection. Where the hell did he get that?

Great News: Megan posted!!!! She's playing her guitar again. And her mood was 'okay.'
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7th year

Isodora (private)

Izzy is so hiding. I'm very worried about her.

Good news about Piotr, though--Thomason thinks he might be able to prove manipulation on Varvara's part with hard evidence--tampering with Piotr's NEWT scores--to mitigate Piotr murdering the bastard. Best news I've heard in a while. Even the news that Izzy got off wasn't all that happy, because it meant that Piotr went to Azkaban, instead.

This bit about Serafima, though, that Piotr wants to withdraw from the Pack for fear of hurting them...Serafima was not happy to hear it, and I really think Piotr will have to talk to her, himself, once he gets out. There's only so much I can do as a go-between. At some point, you have to talk to each other face to face.

But at least she knows what he's feeling. After he gets out, they can decide between themselves whether he truly feels that way, or whether it's just Azkaban talking.

We've begun reconstructing Erzsebet's family tree, discarding all names but direct ancestors. Next step is to go into their lives and see if there's anything noticeably odd about them. I don't expect that to be easy. Stephen Graves was meant to die, I think, moments after I slipped into his body, when that big piece of building crashed down right in front of me. If I'd been leaning just a bit forward, I'd have been dead. If that's the way it happened with Erzsebet's ancestor, that the switch happened moments before her proper death, we might never know it.

On the other hand, since the reversal hasn't yet occurred, maybe there are still two time lines. Wish I could talk to Draco about the Arithmancy for this. Maybe Professor Vector could help. If this ancestor won't switch back of her own will, and we can't find her in the present, we'll have to get Erzsebet back the hard way--by pinpointing the correct ancestor's body in the past and...and I can see that I'm about to get into a rambling monograph about spiritual inertia and why it's so hard to dislodge a spirit from a body, even when it's not the proper spirit for that body.

Best shut up and get to work.
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Binding with Ribbons (private)

Izzy is getting handfasted. This came completely out of the blue; I sure as heck didn't see it coming.

Now I know how Draco must have felt.

I don't think Izzy is any happier about it than Millicent was. Oh, she says she is, but she isn't bubbling over with joy, the way Ben is. Hell, I'm even happy for Gerard.

But I wish it were happening for Nathan and Megan.

Argh. Got to keep my mind off of that. I'm sure Megan's dwelling on it more than enough for both of us.

Other News: I heard from Criscuoli & Sons, today. They sent a pile of reproduced historical documents from various Bureaus of Vital Statistics and private homes in Russia. I'll be visiting the Pack this weekend, so we can go over them. That little translation charm they gave me works better for conversation than for reading. Time to start constructing a family tree and eliminating suspects ancestors.

And Piotr's still in Azkaban. *sigh* Hang in there, mate.

God, that's such a completely inadequate thing to say, compared to what I feel.
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7th year

Calm After the Storm (private)

I'm on a more even keel, now. I think the drunken brawl in Gravesend helped, somehow, and so did the talk with Izzy's cousin Giosue--Josh. He seems like a really decent chap; I hope to become closer friends with him. Now that Fyodor, Eduard, and Serafima have moved out and into their new home, and Piotr's in that horrible place, I am really missing male company. After seven years of living in the Slytherin dorm at Hogwarts, living pretty much alone, except for the House Elves and my grandparents feels almost strange.

Speaking of male company, I wonder how Raph is doing? He seemed pretty muddled and dazed, the last time I saw him over here, but that was several months ago. He's got to be better, now. Damn, I need to write him. I don't have the excuse of being crazy with NEWT studying, any longer. I want to know how he is and what the hell's going on with Simon.

At work, we're now brewing Vita-Test Potion. This potion is administered to a patient, then a blood sample is taken an hour later. Depending on the results of the blood test, you can determine whether the patient is getting all the right sorts of vitamins in his diet. Pretty neat.

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7th year

At the Lazy Steward, Melgarve, Scotland (private thoughts)

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With two finger-widths still left in the JD bottle, Seth decided he'd had enough. He paid his tab, then went to the floopoint, stepped into the fireplace, sprinkled floo powder on himself, and muttered, "Gravezen Mannid."

That's odd, Seth thought as he stepped out of the floo, Grandmother must have rearranged the furniture...
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