October 1st, 2004


Thestrals (private)

I decided to bite the bullet and make friends with the thestrals on the estate, today. I much prefer horses, but the thestrals aren't bad, just creepy. We have a small herd, as our estate isn't big enough to support more than 10-15. Since they can fly, though, they're able to hunt farther afield, and I think they mainly live in our pasture because they recognise it as having magic present, so they're comfortable in it.

Yes, Virginia, I hang out with invisible, semi-reptilian, carnivorous, winged horses. And what's your story?

In some ways, they're gentler than I expected, possibly because they recognise me as being wizard-born. Or maybe they like the fact that I can see them; I don't know.

One of the mares is prettier than most and energetic. I'm going to name her Parvati. I can hear the squeals of "Ewwwwww!!! Gross!" in my mind, now.

It is nice to be able to think about Parvy and have something to laugh about, again. Yep, next time I see a boggart, I'm going to imagine this thestral with hot-pink ribbons braided in its mane and tail, and its hooves lacquered with pink nail polish. That has to be enough to send any self-respecting boggart screeching away. (g)
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