September 24th, 2004


Potions conference - Friday

The potions conference has been fantastic, so far! I really should have been writing more about it. I've seen Contzel and Padma, so far. I was hoping to see Blaise and Snape, maybe even Rose, too, but no such luck. Maybe Snape and Contzel flipped a knut for it.

I've been attending the pharmaceutical and forensics lectures--well, the forensics lectures when I can sneak away to attend them; I'm really supposed to be sticking to just pharmaceutical ones. The stuff I'm learning in all of them is fascinating, though, and I'm taking loads of notes. I'm not the only one there with a ball-point pen, either. The ball-point pen is a great Muggle invention. Dicta-Quills are nice, but they take down everything, and I don't necessarily want to record every single thing that is said in a lecture, just the parts which teach me something new or clarify things I don't understand.

I met a couple of people there who used to know my father through GMI. Didn't get to talk with them long, though; they had to hurry off to another lecture.

The party at Megan's cafe last night was splendid! And Megan even smiled! It was so good to see you all there. Every one of you who came, who I knew from Hogwarts--It was truly lovely to see you again. I'm glad I went.
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