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This section warded to close friends (That's you--Megan, Raph, Rose, Izzy, and Ernie.) (And you, too, Greg, wherever you are.)

Because I figure you lot might someday forgive me for posting sappy medieval love poetry, whereas everyone else is sure to throw rotten tomatoes and raw eggs.

Could I forget her gentle grace,
Her glance, her beauty's sum,
Her voice from memory efface,
I'd end my martyrdom.

Her image from my mind I cannot tear.
all hope in vain, I do despair.
But such sweet pain I shall disdain;
I courage have to bear.

Then how forget her gentle grace,
Her glance, her beauty's sum,
Her voice from memory efface?
I'll keep my martyrdom.

--Thibaut de Champagne

Yes, I'm thinking about Erzsebet; why do you ask?

I'm hunting for the original French text.

* * *

(This part open to anyone who cares to read.)

I happened to think about Parvati this afternoon, and for the first time in a long time, I smiled. Of all the death and destruction that happened at our graduation party, her death hit me the worst.

When Erzsebet went missing, I felt as if an earthquake had hit, but I was still able to function. But Parvati's death...That was like being struck in the gut by a bludger and shattering into powder.

I think it was her openness and her innocence that I cherished--not to say that she wasn't worldy-wise, but her world consisted of nail polish and pretty clothes and interesting hairstyles and new dances, and there was no darkness in it--at least, not that she ever let show. She lived a joyous life, and I admired that. Having her life cut so short so abruptly was unbearable to me. All I could do was wail to the heavens, "Why???"

Erzsebet's disappearance feels to me like one more challenge we must go through together, and I'm willing to accept that, willing to work through the problem, no matter how long it takes. Parvati's death was just wrong. on some gut-deep level. I couldn't accept it.

Yet today I could think of Parvati and smile, and I'm glad. I think that's how she'd rather be remembered.

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