Seth Graves (sp_sethgraves) wrote,
Seth Graves

Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes

Went out with Megan to the Weasleys' joke shop and lunch, yesterday. Was much fun! I'd thought I might take her to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, but I decided to take her to a place called The Safari Cafe, instead. It's pretty interesting, for a Muggle place--all done up with jungle sounds and a thunderstorm that happens every quarter-hour, pouring a light mist of actual rain on the diners in rotating areas of the restaurant. It would be so neat to do it up as a wizarding place.


I've missed talking to Megan. I never realised how much, until yesterday, when there was something I --literally -- couldn't -- tell -- her -- about.

Crap! Can't -- even -- wri -- abou -- Damn! Got to go.
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