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Owl to Piotr Rachinov - warded

(Will seek to find.)

Dear Piotr,

That exasperating twit of a girl named Isodora only told me just now that you'd been released.

I don't care; I am so glad you're out! From everything Thomason said, your living conditions were horrible, and everyone seemed determined to go out of their way to make life miserable for you. There have been days since you were locked up that I've been furious eough to spit nails, and the fact that there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it was maddening.

I'm overjoyed that Thomason was able to do something and that it worked. I'm told you're someplace decent now and being well taken care of. However that's happening, I'm grateful for it.

As for the rest of the world...The bloke Izzy is to be handfasted to is a twit. Megan is having ups and downs. Sometimes, she seems okay; other times, she writes as if she is only going through the motions. I hear Maelys has been getting modeling work and has appeared in a dress catalogue. Tyhe Pack have bought their own home in Wales and are living there, though Eduard goes to see Maelys frequently. School has started again at Hogwarts, of course.

I am still working at the GMI lab, but I've found an entry-level job at the Ministry's main forensics lab that I'm going to apply for. They seem to be dragging their heels about accepting me into the auror programme, and forensics is at least work I enjoy. We'll see how it goes.

Grandmother plans to send you some of her chewy oatmeal-raisin cookies; consider yourself warned. (g)

I look forward to seeing you again, Piotr. Take care, mate.

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