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Drinking and Stupid Gits (private)

God, I love Drambuie. Drambuie and Amaretto. Mmmm! I think I'll call that a Celtic Contessa, or something.

Too bad that git Alessandro had to show up. There Izzy and I were, having a peaceful drinking session in--get this--her villa in Graniti. Though, who am I to talk? What's Gravesend but a villa, English-style?

Anyway...I'd started to ask Izzy about the marks on her arm--and there's a knock at the door. You guessed it--Wonder Boy Alessandro's in the doorway, all bound and determined to guard Izzy's honour from 'The Death-Eater's Son.'

We're both completely clothed, mildly sloshed, and doing nothing in the least compromising. We're even sitting a polite distance apar from each other, because we know we don't want to get into something we'd regret later. I've been through this once with Megan; Izzy deserves the same courtesy.

Alessandro's jealous. He won't even address any of Izzy's male friends by name; we're 'The Death-Eater's Son,' 'Wolf-Boy,' and 'The Bastard' to him. How the hell anyone can call a man as dignified as Marcus Falconer a bastard, I don't know, no matter what his parentage might be.

I wanted to break his face, for that. You don't call a man who helped out at my father's wedding a bastard. You call him 'sir.'

Alessandro worries me. Reminds me of the Bishop of Aquila from Ladyhawke--"If I can't have her, no man shall." I should talk to Izzy about him. He likes to come across all goofy and puppy-like, but I think Izzy should be careful around him. The guy gets my Slytherin up.
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