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Indulging in a Hermione Moment (private)


Is this what Azkaban is like? Not only do you have to put up with Dementors, but you also have to put up with human guards who are slime and arseholes?

My God, what did they do to Dad while he was in there? Did they treat him the way they're treating Piotr? Did they just figure he was some soulless husk of flesh that wouldn't mind if they abused him?

I should have visited him. I should have made sure everything was okay, no matter how much I had to maintain the pretense.

I am such a shit.

Why the hell are they doing this to Piotr? Is it just how they get their kicks? They bait their prisoners, instead of shooting pool?

Izzy is back at Hogwarts and not doing too well, in light of the news Thomason sent. I wish there were something I could do to help her.

And what are these little blood droplets I keep seeing on her notes? This one's the second time, now. Just little, slow-velocity drops. Drip, drip--like her nose is bleeding, but that doesn't make any sense. What is she doing, accidentally pricking her finger with the pen nib? Weird. I'll ask her, next time I see her.
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