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Shopping in Italy (private)

Josh and I joined Izzy and Gerard's younger sister Eugenie for shopping in Italy, today. Izzy and Eugenie were looking for bridesmaids' dresses and wanted male opinions.

I'm guessing Izzy wanted to look hott, because if she'd wanted to look demure, she'd have asked her mother along, instead.

Well, she certainly succeeded, if 'hott' was what she wanted. One of the outfits we looked at was this strapless, blue sequined, bare-midriff thing that would look great at a nightclub--but at a wedding? Honestly, Vince and Greg should have been there. (g) And I didn't realize how much she likes leather. I like leather as much as the next guy...but not at a wedding. And not gothy leather. There are times to be rebellious, and there are times to conform. Reeally, there are.

Maybe I'm just not up on the styles?

It was good to see Josh again, and Eugenie seems quite nice. She looks a tiny bit like Megan, but with straight hair. Okay, so the resemblance is merely superficial. Still, I enjoyed meeting her.

It's hard to believe that school will start in about five days, and I won't be returning to Hogwarts. Something just seems wrong about that.

I hope Lilith and the other teachers who chaperoned us are going to be okay.
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