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Erzsebet Investigations and Old Paternal Ties (private)

Based on personal writings and second-hand accounts, we've narrowed down possible possessing ancestors to five:

Dmitri Ivanovich
Vladimir Ivanovich
Zascha Kertesz
Ljudmilla Radmilova
Andrei Valtsev

Ljudmila lived in the 1920's and was confined to a mental institution at one time, after which stay she recovered with no apparent further incident. Dmitri and Vladimir were both rather shady blokes, as was Zascha. Andrei was a depressive and an alcoholic who would wander off for days at a time--probably to go on drinking binges, but we can't discount him.

Izzy has asked me along on an expedition to select bridesmaids' dresses with her, Eugenie Leinardy, and possibly Josh. I was pretty startled when she mentioned going to shop at Armani's. I have pretty pedestrian tastes and don't tend to buy my clothes at Saville Row, even if Dad did. I suppose that will have to change, at some point, but I'm not ready to make the switch from (relatively) free-spirited young bloke to Staid, Upper-Class Gentleman quite yet.

Stop laughing, Draco; I can hear you from here. :P

Ah well, I've got something decent enough to wear to Armani's, and if necessary, I can borrow one of Dad's ties, seeing as how I inherited most of them.

I still can't believe he had that painfully gaudy, stained glass window-looking tie in his collection. Where the hell did he get that?

Great News: Megan posted!!!! She's playing her guitar again. And her mood was 'okay.'
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