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Izzy is so hiding. I'm very worried about her.

Good news about Piotr, though--Thomason thinks he might be able to prove manipulation on Varvara's part with hard evidence--tampering with Piotr's NEWT scores--to mitigate Piotr murdering the bastard. Best news I've heard in a while. Even the news that Izzy got off wasn't all that happy, because it meant that Piotr went to Azkaban, instead.

This bit about Serafima, though, that Piotr wants to withdraw from the Pack for fear of hurting them...Serafima was not happy to hear it, and I really think Piotr will have to talk to her, himself, once he gets out. There's only so much I can do as a go-between. At some point, you have to talk to each other face to face.

But at least she knows what he's feeling. After he gets out, they can decide between themselves whether he truly feels that way, or whether it's just Azkaban talking.

We've begun reconstructing Erzsebet's family tree, discarding all names but direct ancestors. Next step is to go into their lives and see if there's anything noticeably odd about them. I don't expect that to be easy. Stephen Graves was meant to die, I think, moments after I slipped into his body, when that big piece of building crashed down right in front of me. If I'd been leaning just a bit forward, I'd have been dead. If that's the way it happened with Erzsebet's ancestor, that the switch happened moments before her proper death, we might never know it.

On the other hand, since the reversal hasn't yet occurred, maybe there are still two time lines. Wish I could talk to Draco about the Arithmancy for this. Maybe Professor Vector could help. If this ancestor won't switch back of her own will, and we can't find her in the present, we'll have to get Erzsebet back the hard way--by pinpointing the correct ancestor's body in the past and...and I can see that I'm about to get into a rambling monograph about spiritual inertia and why it's so hard to dislodge a spirit from a body, even when it's not the proper spirit for that body.

Best shut up and get to work.
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