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Binding with Ribbons (private)

Izzy is getting handfasted. This came completely out of the blue; I sure as heck didn't see it coming.

Now I know how Draco must have felt.

I don't think Izzy is any happier about it than Millicent was. Oh, she says she is, but she isn't bubbling over with joy, the way Ben is. Hell, I'm even happy for Gerard.

But I wish it were happening for Nathan and Megan.

Argh. Got to keep my mind off of that. I'm sure Megan's dwelling on it more than enough for both of us.

Other News: I heard from Criscuoli & Sons, today. They sent a pile of reproduced historical documents from various Bureaus of Vital Statistics and private homes in Russia. I'll be visiting the Pack this weekend, so we can go over them. That little translation charm they gave me works better for conversation than for reading. Time to start constructing a family tree and eliminating suspects ancestors.

And Piotr's still in Azkaban. *sigh* Hang in there, mate.

God, that's such a completely inadequate thing to say, compared to what I feel.
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