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Calm After the Storm (private)

I'm on a more even keel, now. I think the drunken brawl in Gravesend helped, somehow, and so did the talk with Izzy's cousin Giosue--Josh. He seems like a really decent chap; I hope to become closer friends with him. Now that Fyodor, Eduard, and Serafima have moved out and into their new home, and Piotr's in that horrible place, I am really missing male company. After seven years of living in the Slytherin dorm at Hogwarts, living pretty much alone, except for the House Elves and my grandparents feels almost strange.

Speaking of male company, I wonder how Raph is doing? He seemed pretty muddled and dazed, the last time I saw him over here, but that was several months ago. He's got to be better, now. Damn, I need to write him. I don't have the excuse of being crazy with NEWT studying, any longer. I want to know how he is and what the hell's going on with Simon.

At work, we're now brewing Vita-Test Potion. This potion is administered to a patient, then a blood sample is taken an hour later. Depending on the results of the blood test, you can determine whether the patient is getting all the right sorts of vitamins in his diet. Pretty neat.

Sent to Izzy

A small nosegay of volkamenia, yew, and purple verbena, with a container of Tazo Chai. Attached note reads: Thinking of you. I hope your new job goes well. --S.
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