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Seth Graves
(Private Entry)

Well, that was a stupid entry. I'm keeping it for historical purposes, but I'm revising my plans. I've worked in law enforcement long enough to know that you never go into a highly dangerous situation without back-up. I had that palpably demonstrated to me a few days after I wrote that post, when an auror did precisely that--walked alone into a group of Death-Eaters--and wound up very messily dead. It was a lesson to everyone at the DMLE, whether they worked in the field or not.

It forced me to think about what I was going to do and to reconsider. It's telling to me that no one has slapped me upside the head since I wrote the entry. Obviously, no one reads these journals, anymore. If I think to use them to solicit help or inform anyone of my clandestine whereabouts, I'd best think again. As it is, I warded this current entry private out of sheer habit.

So no more notes in journals; I will simply talk to the people I need to tell, face-to-face. The Pack already know, which is why I didn't include them on the permissions list to read my previous entry.

With their agreement, I wrote a report containing the information that I and the Pack gathered and submitted it this morning through official channels--meaning, to Madame Amelia Bones. Why? Because the DMLE need to know about an ongoing threat to the time-stream, and I want them to know that Erszebet Ivanovich is innocent, should she ever be caught among the DE.

And, because I want this to succeed, someone who is actually skilled in espionage should go after her.

It's maddening to realise that real life is not like the way it happens in books. I do want to be the hero in the story of my own romance, dammit--even if Erszebet turns out to love someone else or to just not love me anymore. I want to be the one who did the daring thing, risked all for love, etc. etc. I am willing to give my life for her.

But I am not willing to do that stupidly. I am not my Dad, and I don't have the wherewithal to insert myself into a pack of Death-Eaters and carry off an act long enough to subdue Erszebet's ancestor and bring him/her in. Millicent could do it; Draco could do it. Perhaps even Blaise could do it. I would be rubbish at it, and the plan would fail because I'd wind up being the one who needed rescue. My loyalties have been pretty plain ever since I was in school. My laughable attempt at deception would probably result in Erszebet's ancestor going even more deeply into hiding than he or she already is.

So I'm asking for help, even though it galls the wannabe Gryffindor inside me. Thanks so much, Sorting Hat, for making me aware of his existence back when I was eleven. Not.
What do you think?
(Warded private)

I'm a complete open book to them, so...Fine. I'll just have to be a complete open book.

How is it possible to be gut-terrified yet at peace at the same time? I don't understand this.

I've tracked down the leads; I've read the books; I've done the work; I've hidden the spell. I'm the only one who knows the key to unlock it. Gotta love the Rubik's Cube. Still, I wish I'd been able to consult with Hermione about it. I have a feeling she'd have told Blaise, though, and he'd have tried to talk me out of this.

It would have been smart advice, too.

(Warded to Mary-Elizabeth Gregory)

Dear Mary-Elizabeth,

Itsy-bitsy spider went up the spout again.

I love you,


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What do you think?
I posted this in my journal ages ago, but I found a full translation of them today, so I thought I would post them here.

Ubi CaritasCollapse )

Lisa--I could swear I saw you in Diagon Alley the other day. Was that you?

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What do you think?
This section warded to close friends (That's you--Megan, Raph, Rose, Izzy, and Ernie.) (And you, too, Greg, wherever you are.)

Because I figure you lot might someday forgive me for posting sappy medieval love poetry, whereas everyone else is sure to throw rotten tomatoes and raw eggs.

Could I forget her gentle grace,
Her glance, her beauty's sum,
Her voice from memory efface,
I'd end my martyrdom.

Her image from my mind I cannot tear.
all hope in vain, I do despair.
But such sweet pain I shall disdain;
I courage have to bear.

Then how forget her gentle grace,
Her glance, her beauty's sum,
Her voice from memory efface?
I'll keep my martyrdom.

--Thibaut de Champagne

Yes, I'm thinking about Erzsebet; why do you ask?

I'm hunting for the original French text.

* * *

(This part open to anyone who cares to read.)

I happened to think about Parvati this afternoon, and for the first time in a long time, I smiled. Of all the death and destruction that happened at our graduation party, her death hit me the worst.

When Erzsebet went missing, I felt as if an earthquake had hit, but I was still able to function. But Parvati's death...That was like being struck in the gut by a bludger and shattering into powder.

I think it was her openness and her innocence that I cherished--not to say that she wasn't worldy-wise, but her world consisted of nail polish and pretty clothes and interesting hairstyles and new dances, and there was no darkness in it--at least, not that she ever let show. She lived a joyous life, and I admired that. Having her life cut so short so abruptly was unbearable to me. All I could do was wail to the heavens, "Why???"

Erzsebet's disappearance feels to me like one more challenge we must go through together, and I'm willing to accept that, willing to work through the problem, no matter how long it takes. Parvati's death was just wrong. on some gut-deep level. I couldn't accept it.

Yet today I could think of Parvati and smile, and I'm glad. I think that's how she'd rather be remembered.

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What do you think?
Viewable by Lilith Drachenstein and Megan Jones. It may be viewed by Erszebet Ivanovich, Piotr and Sergei Rachinov, Rose and Raphael Lathander, Mary Elizabeth Gregory, Simon Russell, Marcus Falconer, Severus Snape, and Gareth Adams at their discretion.

I lied my arse off in my previous entry. I think if Lilith or my friends knew what I've really been doing, they'd have horsefits.

Hell, I have horsefits when I think of it. After that blazing argument I had with Mary Elizabeth about her going in to rescue Greg--who she can't even be certain wants to be rescued--I'm planning to go in after a woman who I know doesn't want to be rescued.

With no back-up. Brilliant, Graves, just brilliant. You know what a hero is? Somebody who gets a lot of innocent people killed. Don't be a hero.

I lied when I said I had no leads. I do have leads. And I'm going to follow them, whatever it takes.

I've been taking occlumency training with Dr. Alexander. I told Lilith I thought I needed it, and he's who she recommended. The problem is, I am crap at occlumency. Not for lack of trying, but simply because I don't have the personality for it. I'm too open. After all the things people used to say to me about me being too reserved and holding everything in, the truth is out. I like to talk to people. I like to be open to them. I want to know them, and I want them to know me. Given my druthers, I'm godawful honest, and there's not a damned thing Daeren can do about it.

I'm going to go in after Erzsebet, and I'm going to be an open book. I'm so
terrified, I can't even describe it. Daeren offered to obliviate me, but he's not as good at that as Dad was. He'd leave signs of his work, and the DE would crack me open like a boiled egg, once they saw them. They'd know everything there was to know about Dad. They'd know how deeply he betrayed them--not just in information given to the Ministry, but in his heart.

And the other thing that scares me is--what if Erzsebet loves someone else, after all this time? It's not beyond imagining that she'd have lost hope of getting back home. If she's found someone else who makes her happy, I'd be taking her away from that. She couldn't go back, unless she took that potion again. And I was such a messed-up arse for a while.

Even more horrifying is the idea that she might come back out of a sense of duty, that she might choose to leave real happiness behind--for the sake of me or for the sake of the Pack. Or for some other reason. I really hope that the price of sending the imposter back to when he or she belongs is not Erzsebet's happiness. It is a hard and bitter thing to know that that might very well be the case.

If the price is my happiness--So be it. I can't say I've been all that happy with myself since graduation. At least I would be paying the price for a good reason. And happiness is what you make of it. I think I'd be a pretty shabby person if Erzsebet were the only woman I felt I could love. Surely I have more heart than that.

I hope, when the time comes, I can at least ask her if she wants to come back. I don't know if she could still love me, after the idiot I've been. I don't feel as if I deserve her, and she might just agree.

I must be a real fool, because even though I dread the idea that she might agree and might feel nothing for me now but indifference or contempt...I'd still fight to earn her respect and her love back.

God, I am a fool!

But I must do this, regardless. She doesn't belong in the past. She belongs here, in this time, whether we have a future together or not. Her ancestor belongs in the past, and her ancestor has no right to do evil with Erzsebet's body. It's almost as bad as an Imperius. Worse, in fact, because Erzsebet can't fight this person from wherever she is in the past. So someone must fight for her.

I can't, won't, just stand by and let Erzsebet be used that way. So I'm going--into the DE.

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For some reason known only to my subconscious, I decided to open up this journal again and take a look at it.

I've been a mess for a good year and a half. Getting better now, however.

The Pack are traveling. That's what they said they wanted to do, once they were out of school, and I personally think they needed the time to themselves. The time after graduation was hell--for everyone.

I have not stopped looking for word of Erzsebet. I've had to go into some unsavoury places to search, too. Haven't found any leads, though. Whatever ancestor of hers took over her body, the person is just as elusive as ever.

Work is going well. If I do make it into auror school, I'll be almost sorry to leave it. I always have liked potions, and the work in our labs is far beyond what we were able to do in Professor Snape's classroom. The ways that subtle differences in pharmaceutical elements can affect a potion's outcome is endlessly fascinating to me, and the work I'm able to do here is immensely rewarding, at times.

But I know it's only second-best, and I know that, as long as I stay here, I'm only marking time. I'm not going to settle for second-best, anymore. It may be a good thing that I had this time. I hope I'm more mature now, with a realistic, grounded understanding of what the job is. It's not pretty, and it's not the ultimate solution for ridding the world of Death-Eaters. But at least it's something. And I think it's the right thing for me.

Only one las thing I need to do before re-applying.
What do you think?
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What do you think?
My Elvish Name is Nelyahin. What's yours?

Not a whole lot else to report, on my end. I go to work, come home and putter around the house, and study like an insane man for Arithmancy NEWTs. This is what I get for not simply taking the subject at Hogwarts.

I'll be glad when I finish the NEWT, though. I want to get back into volunteering weekends at the Birds of Prey Centre here in Newent. I've missed that.

How are you lot doing?

Seth, just trying to stir up conversation!

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Went out with Megan to the Weasleys' joke shop and lunch, yesterday. Was much fun! I'd thought I might take her to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, but I decided to take her to a place called The Safari Cafe, instead. It's pretty interesting, for a Muggle place--all done up with jungle sounds and a thunderstorm that happens every quarter-hour, pouring a light mist of actual rain on the diners in rotating areas of the restaurant. It would be so neat to do it up as a wizarding place.

PrivateCollapse )
What do you think?
Dear Megan,

Just writing to make sure we're still on to visit the Weasleys' shop, this weekend and go to lunch. I'd like to take you someplace that's not your cafe--you know, part of Getting Away from It All. (g) Do you have any preferences?


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This past week sure has been quiet. Aside from work, arithmancy homework, and continuing to search for Erzsebet with the Pack's help, not much has been happening. I had my weekly lesson with Mr. Everett Wilkes on Sunday, and that has been about the entirety of my week.

I could wish that HEX could get back together for a reunion concert, and it's not even a year past graduation. *sigh* I never dreamt work could be so mundane. I guess any job has its moments of making you feel like that, and I know you have to crawl before you can walk--pay your dues, that kind of thing. Still, I'm bored.

Say...Would anyone be interested in a trip to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, some weekend? I'm in the mood to do something fun, with other people.

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I've been studying arithmancy, doing exercises for it all morning, and I have a tutoring session with Mr. Wilkes tomorrow.

I'm not as bad off as I feared; I've been doing enough magic using advanced forms of arithmancy that I at least know the forms and can do some of them. Any spell employing motion or ballistics requires some form of calculus or differential equations, so what I haven't had in book-learning, I've had in practise.

The neat thing about arithmancy is that it ties all the other forms of magic together and can explain the results attained in all of them. It's the key to everything.
What do you think?
I decided to bite the bullet and make friends with the thestrals on the estate, today. I much prefer horses, but the thestrals aren't bad, just creepy. We have a small herd, as our estate isn't big enough to support more than 10-15. Since they can fly, though, they're able to hunt farther afield, and I think they mainly live in our pasture because they recognise it as having magic present, so they're comfortable in it.

Yes, Virginia, I hang out with invisible, semi-reptilian, carnivorous, winged horses. And what's your story?

In some ways, they're gentler than I expected, possibly because they recognise me as being wizard-born. Or maybe they like the fact that I can see them; I don't know.

One of the mares is prettier than most and energetic. I'm going to name her Parvati. I can hear the squeals of "Ewwwwww!!! Gross!" in my mind, now.

It is nice to be able to think about Parvy and have something to laugh about, again. Yep, next time I see a boggart, I'm going to imagine this thestral with hot-pink ribbons braided in its mane and tail, and its hooves lacquered with pink nail polish. That has to be enough to send any self-respecting boggart screeching away. (g)

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I'm back at work after the potions conference. Going there makes me wish I'd considered going to a Muggle university for a degree, but I don't think they offer Muggle degrees in the field I want to work in, so there's not much point in doing that.

I've decided to study for a NEWT in Arithmancy. I've done a lot of reading on my own since Fifth Year, but that's not the same as taking the class and doing the exercises regularly. At the conference, I met a wizard from Gloucestershire who teaches, so I'll be studying privately with him. Flourish & Blott's, here I come. I guess volunteering at the Birds of Prey Centre will have to wait a while.

Grandmother's talking about moving in with her gentleman friend. In some ways, I think that would be great, and I'm very happy for them. In other ways...Ugh. I don't want to live all alone in this huge house, with no one but the House Elves. But I'm not really anxious to shut the place up, either. We'll see what happens. I ought to at least learn to drive Dad's car.

Break's over. See you all later.

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The potions conference has been fantastic, so far! I really should have been writing more about it. I've seen Contzel and Padma, so far. I was hoping to see Blaise and Snape, maybe even Rose, too, but no such luck. Maybe Snape and Contzel flipped a knut for it.

I've been attending the pharmaceutical and forensics lectures--well, the forensics lectures when I can sneak away to attend them; I'm really supposed to be sticking to just pharmaceutical ones. The stuff I'm learning in all of them is fascinating, though, and I'm taking loads of notes. I'm not the only one there with a ball-point pen, either. The ball-point pen is a great Muggle invention. Dicta-Quills are nice, but they take down everything, and I don't necessarily want to record every single thing that is said in a lecture, just the parts which teach me something new or clarify things I don't understand.

I met a couple of people there who used to know my father through GMI. Didn't get to talk with them long, though; they had to hurry off to another lecture.

The party at Megan's cafe last night was splendid! And Megan even smiled! It was so good to see you all there. Every one of you who came, who I knew from Hogwarts--It was truly lovely to see you again. I'm glad I went.

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Izzy and I talked for a while Monday night in St. Patrick's Cemetery. She seemed pretty drained, and I'm frankly grateful that she let me talk.

I hope this uncertainty about Piotr isn't making her want to cut her arm again.

She said Piotr went to Russia because Sergei wants to find some way of living independently from Piotr. I have to say that threw me for a loop. Don't get me wrong--I've lived in the wizarding world all my life, and it's not unusual for me to see six unusual things before breakfast. I can even imagine a way for Piotr and Sergei to live separately, now that I've had a few days to think about it. The answer's been sitting there in front of my face, all along. It was there in January.

But I don't know if the Ministry will allow Arcadia's potion to be used again. And if it is used, I don't know for sure whether it will work. Still, Arcadia's potion was meant for people who had two different desires they wanted to follow. Part of Megan was deeply in love with Nathan; the other part of her wanted to pursue other things. Part of Anders wanted to be 16; the other part didn't. So maybe it could work for Piotr and Sergei.

I won't be able to suggest it, though, until--if--Piotr and Sergei get back.

Something about being in that cemetery with Izzy calmed me. Looking at the graves of Thomas and Alexander Brannigan, I came to feel a sense of renewed purpose that I haven't felt in a while, a renewed determination.

I know, for sure, why I want to be an auror, now.

It hasn't anything to do with hatred for the Death-Eaters, though I do still hate them. I'm not on a revenge kick for Dad's sake. I want to become an auror because of people like Thomas and Alexander--people who just got in the way of the bad guys.

Yes, I know Thomas Brannigan was a member of the Brethren; I know he worked with them and cooperated with their plans to kidnap Izzy. But I don't think he ever expected them to go so far as to kill him and his son. I don't think he would have lain down his life in slavish devotion to the Brethren. No, he and his son were simply tools, to be discarded once used.

No one deserves to be treated like that. No one deserves to be ordered on pain of death or torture to do something they believe is wrong. Do I think Lukas Kovacevic would have killed the two of them, if he hadn't feared Darko Mstislav's reprisals? No, I don't. And that's why I want to become an auror. I believe people should not be victimised because they are in the way or because they are too fearful of something to stand against it. People should not have to live in fear, and their lives should be respected and valued.

Crazy as it sounds, even the Death-Eaters' lives should be valued. I don't know how I can think this, barely three months after they killed eight of my classmates, but I'm coming to believe it. I would be a hypocrite if I decided that some lives are worth saving, and others are only good for being thrown away. I want to do what I can to stop people who place no value on others' lives from harming them.

I hope I can make the Ministry believe that of me.

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Piotr's gone missing, and is apparently in Russia.

It's a good thing I don't bite my fingernails, or I wouldn't have any left. That letter Adams sent the other day...worried me a lot. It made me wonder if the situation with Piotr is a lot worse than I imagined--and I've imagined quite a few things which could go wrong.

Be there for Isodora, if she needs you, he said. Stay with your mother.

I don't think Izzy wants anyone around, right now, and I don't blame her. There are days when I'd like to do the same thing, when it comes to Erzsebet--just clam up and go away from everyone. Unfortunately, a 9 to 5 job doesn't really allow that. I'm sure Megan's found out the same thing.

And I guess that's a good thing. Keeps us from moping during the day, at least. The nights, though...I remember curling up in Erzsebet's attic room, studying with her. I see autumn leaves now, and I think of leaf-fights with her. I still have one of those leaves. It's a maple leaf--yellow, turning into orange and scarlet.

I want to go out into the thestrals' pasture and just scream, sometimes--because there seems nothing I can do to bring her back to the present, and everything I have tried has been a dismal failure, as far as I can see--only made things worse.

Knight-errantry is a thing for fairy stories. That's why we have fairy stories--because reality is frustrating as hell, and at least stories like that give us a false sense that maybe we really can accomplish something.

I know--that sounds so lame, to lose hope. If you don't have hope, then all efforts are in vain. But we don't know where Erzsebet is, we don't know who's inhabiting her body, and we don't know why that person refuses to relinquish Erzsebet's body. We have fucking nothing to go on.

It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to separate Erzsebet in my mind from this creep who's using her body. For my last three months at Hogwarts, I was talking with, being with, and falling out of love with a stranger who I thought was the girl I loved. So there's this part of me that yearns to be with Erzsebet, that loves her deeply--and then there's this other part of me that feels nothing for her at all, that has stepped away from her. It's stepped away from her ancestor, really, but enough doubts about our relationship have clouded my mind that I'm not sure what I feel, any longer. I feel like a traitor to what we felt for each other.

That sense of stepping away is why I became attracted to Izzy. Izzy is many things that Erzsebet isn't. With Izzy, I felt like I could be my normal, fallible, insecure, human self, because she is also human, fallible, and insecure. With Erzsebet, I could also be myself, but I often felt, at least in my own mind, that I didn't quite measure up. Maybe that's just a measure of my own insecurity; I don't know. But it's part of this feeling of nothingness I have that wars with the love I feel. Part of me does not want to be the consort of Erzsebet, the Perfect Woman. Yet I do love Erzsebet, and I want to be the man she loves.

It's driving me crazy.

So yeah, I'm feeling guilty, along with feeling frustrated and completely inadequate--and ashamed of myself for sitting here brooding over Erzsebet, when Piotr's in a horrible situation, at war with himself, Izzy is feeling miserable over Piotr, and Megan is feeling about the same over Nathan. The world is not comprised of just my woes, and I wish I could just get my head out of my arse.

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Dear Izzy,

Professor Adams' letter has got me rattled. It felt a lot like when I was a kid, and my Dad would tell me, "Stay with your mother." That kind of tone to it. Like he was leaving to meet with the DE. If yours sounded anything like that, I doubt you're feeling any better than I am.

Ah, screw it. May I come over? Please.


At Night, in St. Patrick's CemeteryCollapse )

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Dear Eleanor,

Thank you for your help. By all accounts, you were brilliant.



(Attached to the note is a box of chocolate roses.)

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A nosegay of small, pink roses, attached to a note that is not in Isodora's handwriting, though the penmanship looks female:

Flowers to brighten your day, from your secret admirer

The owl is untraceable.

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I could wish Ben Wu were here. In fact, I do wish he were here; he's a great guy. Last I heard, he was attending a Muggle university somewhere. I hope he's doing well.

Anyway...I'm having to study a lot of astronomy material in preparation for this conference in Hogsmeade next week. Not only must you calibrate to the sun's position when making solar-based potions, but you must also calibrate for things like sunspot activity and so forth, because sunspots will make a potion more potent. This used to be a phenomenon that was unexplained before the invention of telescopes, but now it can be accounted for and its effects reliably predicted.

Then there's the speed of light calculation and all sorts of other stuff. It's a wonder to me that Snape gets any brewing done, in the midst of all the arithmancy.

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What do you think?

I know we'd talked about getting together next week, and I saw your note to Megan about the Equinox party at her cafe. Would you be interested in Piotr being there? I feel kind of strange going out with just you, when I know you and he are a couple. Doesn't seem right for him not to be there, unless you want to spend that evening with just me, and it wouldn't cause any problems. Please let me know what you'd like to do.



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Dinner tonight was fantastic--backed boneless chicken breasts stuffed with basil, chopped nuts, and parmesan cheese, served with diced russet potatoes, with the whole lot covered in a glaze of honey, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Very, very tasty. The baking pan was a pain to wash, though; had to let it soak for a couple of hours before I could get anything out of it. I suppose I could have used magic, but... *shrug* I didn't feel like it. Sometimes, there's more of a feeling of accomplishment from not using magic.

My boss gave me a pile of reading material to get through in preparation for the potions conference next week. I guess the old saying is true: "The learning never stops." (g)

The Pack and I think we've narrowed down who Erzsebet's ancestor might be. We're figuring either Vladimir Ivanovich or Zascha Kertesz. We're very worried about her and hope she'll at least send us word that she's all right.

Yes, Zascha or Vladimir, that's a completely transparent message to you--whoever you might be.

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Piotr's at Butleigh?! With...Professor Graves?

Must've just been a word screw-up. Butleigh and Graves in the same sentence, though...So eerie. He can't possibly know, can he? No, of course not; I'm being silly.

Piotr is simply close friends with Professor Adams, whom Lilith is interested in. She must have given Adams permission to stay there. So no problem, just a bizarre coincidence.

It will be so weird, going into that house and needing to act as if I've never been there, before, even though I know it like the back of my hand.

And gotta remember, I don't know the House Elves, either. I'd better remind them not to call me 'Mr. Seth.'

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Dear Megan,

I know you'll be busy in the cafe on Saturday, but would you like to go somewhere on Sunday? Maybe to Hyde Park or to someplace you'd like to visit? Or we could attend the last night of the Proms?

All my best,


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Dear Izzy,

I've put my foot in it, majorly. I am so sorry! I mentioned the handfasting to Piotr, because I thought he knew--but he didn't. Consider yourself at liberty to give me a thorough tongue-lashing. I could just kick myself.



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(Will seek to find.)

Dear Piotr,

That exasperating twit of a girl named Isodora only told me just now that you'd been released.

I don't care; I am so glad you're out! From everything Thomason said, your living conditions were horrible, and everyone seemed determined to go out of their way to make life miserable for you. There have been days since you were locked up that I've been furious eough to spit nails, and the fact that there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it was maddening.

I'm overjoyed that Thomason was able to do something and that it worked. I'm told you're someplace decent now and being well taken care of. However that's happening, I'm grateful for it.

As for the rest of the world...The bloke Izzy is to be handfasted to is a twit. Megan is having ups and downs. Sometimes, she seems okay; other times, she writes as if she is only going through the motions. I hear Maelys has been getting modeling work and has appeared in a dress catalogue. Tyhe Pack have bought their own home in Wales and are living there, though Eduard goes to see Maelys frequently. School has started again at Hogwarts, of course.

I am still working at the GMI lab, but I've found an entry-level job at the Ministry's main forensics lab that I'm going to apply for. They seem to be dragging their heels about accepting me into the auror programme, and forensics is at least work I enjoy. We'll see how it goes.

Grandmother plans to send you some of her chewy oatmeal-raisin cookies; consider yourself warned. (g)

I look forward to seeing you again, Piotr. Take care, mate.


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Take the test, by Emily.

Hm. Not bad, but I really prefer hard-core violin.

I heard Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" on the radio while I was eating lunch in Gloucester, today. I hadn't heard it in ages.

Lyrics of the MomentCollapse )

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(Locked from Hogwarts students; all others may view.)

All--I'm scheduled to attend a potions conference, the week of 20th-24th September, along with two fellow employees in our lab. It's to be held at the Greyfalcon Inn in Hogsmeade, and its main topic is 'The Influence of Solar Phenomena on Solar-Based Potions.' Autumn Equinox is due to occur that week, and it seems they have a ritual planned to take place when the equinox occurs.

I hope to see any of you there who happen to attend. Maybe we could gather at the Three Broomsticks or at Madam Puddifoot's, one night?

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I cannot believe the idiocy I wrote, last night.

Not about Alessandro--the man is a git, and I don't trust him around Izzy. But him finding the two of us at Graniti, alone and drunk is not good. At least, it's not good if Izzy has a care for her social reputation. I don't think she does, much, but her family cares. And I care, frankly.

I'd better be prepared to answer their questions, if they ask.

And I'd better think how I'm going to behave around Alessandro, the next time I see him. But that depends too much upon how he acts. I might get the goofball, or I might get the jealous arse, so there's no telling. I'll play that by ear.

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